Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Canoe in the Lake

So the other day i get a call from one of my co-workers and she tells me that my canoe is almost in the water and with in the next few days it will be a float. I leave it at the lake at my summer job. Last time i was down there it was a least 15 to 20 feet from the water. With all the new snow melt and rain we have been having the lake is almost full. It was down about 9 feet at the end of summer. I t was freezing while i was down moving my canoe up to higher ground . Ice in the foot wells and about 10lbs heavier from just ice on it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hang'n with Corry and Willie

Corry and Willie put away the paddles for the day and came up to the mountains to ski and snowboard. I had a fun time with them cruising around Snow Summit in the morning with them.

Hiking up Snow Forest to 1E01

We hiked up Snow Forest yesterday and found 1Eo1 trail and cusied up that to this lookout.
Cindy, Suzie and me!