Monday, July 31, 2006

Wow! It has been awhile

Well I just got back from Los Angeles today. I think that is about it for my travels for the rest of the summer. After Utah I made my way to Sanoma Valley to work at another Mountain Bike race for the week. Came home with just enough time to travel with Julie in her new (used) 38 ft moter home to the Santa Barbara State Outrigger Sprints for the weekend. We got 2nd just missed 1st by a nose. Then I was back off to Utah this time Brian Head for the Epic 100 Mountain Bike Race. This time a quick 4 day trip. Long work hours. It took 3 guys 15 hours to finish the race. Most of the riders came in around 10 to 11 hours. Right after I got back i drove down to Los Angeles to order the Catalina shirts. I can't beleive that I am sitting at my computer right now. I will post a video of my travels soon. Tonight on our way back to Big Bear we drove through the clouds it was really cool.


surfwahine said...

You are Very Busy Gal! Got the videoblogging book and it is Awesome! can't put it down, luckily I'm on a 4 day sooo have some time to read it at My computer! Thanks a Ton!!! Great info to read over and over until it sinks in!
Chat later!!!

surfwahine said...

Awesome footage! Wow! Did you get your hair cut? cute! hard to tell cuz it looked really windy, nice self filming!

Mella Hume said...

Hey miss Mindy! Long time, linked to your blog from Dru's. email me! or call me at 714-654-2773. Want to catch up with you - it has been too too long. Mella

Anonymous said...

Mindy...Mindy...Mindy!!! You amaze me. I love all this. You're always one step ahead of everyone. See you at the next race:).

Lady Di