Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vi Va Las Vegas

Drove to Las Vegas on Friday for a canoe race on Lake Las Vegas.
Paddled with some of the Dana Point Girls. Caren, April, Jonie, Tracy and Mel - Masters we got 2nd Team Big Island took 1st. Had some trouble with a few other canoes at the first turn. (8 changes from the start to the first turn with 4 other canoes not such a good race course.)
Got to camp out with Caren, Tracy and Mel on Friday in Lake Mead State Park about 5 minutes from the race site. Saturday the winds kicked up and blew our tent down so we packed up and stayed at a Hotel Boulder Station. Someone once told me to Max Bet everything i do so i did and guess what i won, Yippie!
It was a good weekend. I will be back next year. This was one of the cars that was parked at the race site just had to take a picture of it.

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