Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Wednesday Practice

This is the NAC secret, yes a double hull. That is what we go out it every single practice. It is fun when only a few girls show up. Yikes, tonight we where doing our changes on 30 and 45 against the current. Ouch!
Imua is alway jealous of our double hull when we wiz pass them.
Yes we are finished! Now this is the best part of the workout pushing the canoe up above the high tide line. Found out that Billy backs up his truck and pulls up the canoe with a tow line. How lucky are we to have such a smart coach.

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Surfwahine said...

Love the Utter locker room talk! 45 strokes on a side yikes sounds like Dragon boat racing to me Hee hee !

Molly said...

Wow, looking at those photos makes me want to hit the gym and run more!! =) ha ha.


Anonymous said...

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